Trip/IN partners with retailers to offer their products and services to potential customers. Retailers can offer coupons, discounts and rebates that are tailored to what individual travelers are looking for.
Trip/IN also improves data sharing between all stakeholders in the airport ecosystem. A passenger in a real-world scenario - travelling from Amsterdam, NL to Auckland, NZ would need seven different apps to get the best available information from each of the transportation providers along the trip:

  1. Amsterdam Taxi
  2. Amsterdam Airport
  3. KLM
  4. Shanghai Airport
  5. Air New Zealand
  6. Auckland Airport
  7. Kiwi Transit

Travelers are not willing to install and use a multitude of apps on their phones for their travel needs. An app that provides them with tailored information about the travel ports they visit would make a major difference. Trip/In is set to be a favoured travel companion which will improve customer experience, and an exciting investment opportunity.

With 10% growth per year, the airports retail market is booming, and is expected to reach 125 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. On average, travellers spend 18 USD on food and beverages, 33 USD on non-duty-free items and 76 USD on duty free items per airport during their travel. Everything is done to encourage the immediate purchase of goods and services. Yet, a large majority of travellers do not purchase anything because they are not able to find what they want. Retailers need with a channel to reach out to profiled potential customers.